Commercial EPCs in Scotland

Welcome to EPC Network, a website providing answers for anyone involved in the procurement of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for transactions involving commercial properties in Scotland.

Our aim is to help anyone involved in a commercial property transaction in Scotland to obtain a quick explanation in plain English, of the requirements surrounding the need for an EPC in the context of buying, selling or leasing commercial property. 

Getting an EPC is simple:-

Commercial EPC Process

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EPC Basics

• EPCs need to be provided whenever a non domestic property is sold or leased (although there are some exceptions - see EPC FAQs for more details)

• EPCs need to be made available to anyone expressing a genuine interest in acquiring the property.

• EPCs are produced by trained assessors using specialist computer software. 

• EPCs have a life of ten years.

• Penalties for not providing an EPC are imposed by the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice by the local authority at a level of £1000.

• Public buildings over 1000m2 (excluding places of worship) also need an EPC and operators of such buildings are also liable to a penalty charge if they fail to comply.

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